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We are a firm of Chartered Professional Accountants, Chartered Accountants, and Licensed Public Accountants.


We are licensed in Canada to conduct audits of non-publicly listed entities.


We are members of Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario and the Canadian Tax Foundation.


We are a boutique firm, specializing in a limited number of market segments in which we have a depth of training, knowledge and experience.

The major market segments in which we specialize are Media and Entertainment, Not-for-Profit entities, Real Estate in Canada, and Single Family Offices.

On an annual basis, we have historically performed more than 200 audits of not-for-profit entities, including condominium corporations, and both public and private foundations, and charities.

In any given year, we work with approximately 5% of all the entities who receive tax credits from the Federal and Provincial governments, for producing Canadian content for radio, TV and film.

Our real estate segment includes individuals, companies, partnerships, and joint ventures who own land, and rental properties, including office, industrial, retail and residential. The real estate segment also includes developers.

The collective net worth of our Single Family Office clients is significant. In some cases we helped build it, but in all cases, we have helped retain it.

How did these segments develop?

It was the old fashioned way; of being there for our clients, listening, questioning, understanding, explaining, imagining, and executing at, or in excess of, their expectations. It has been our pursuit of providing simple yet elegant solutions that has made the difference. We have systems to ensure that the work is technically correct, but more importantly we have professionals who take the time for that considered reflection, to ensure that the work has clarity and ease of execution, such that the final product is elegant, and based on our success, clients seem to appreciate this approach.

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